What is GDPR?


Is GDPR More About PR Than Data Protection? Ivanti Chief Technologist EMEA Simon Townsend Responds

Simon Townsend joined what is now the Ivanti team when Landesk acquired AppSense last year. But Simon’s been around the IT industry for almost 20 years now. That perspective gives him a refreshing take on one of the industry’s most talked-about developments: the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Due to take effect on 25 May 2018, the GDPR is intended to protect the private and personal data of every European Union (EU) citizen everywhere. Companies that violate the regulation are subject to significant fines, even if those companies are based outside of the EU.


Simon, can you summarize the key points of the GDPR, please?


As many have likely already heard and read repeatedly, come May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, comes into force. If you have read most of the information available you will also know why it is coming into force, and who it affects – basically, every EU citizen and every business that does business with EU citizens.


Specifically, organisations that do not demonstrate they are protecting Personally identifiable information (PII) will be fined somewhere between four percent of their annual revenues or 20M Euros, whichever is higher. These fines are significantly higher than anything we have seen in the past, and these fines alone provide enough “punch” to make any organisation or CIO consider a change in how data is processed and protected.


Thanks, Simon. Now, what has the run-up to the scheduled GDPR implementation date looked like to you? Does it remind you of other industry events?


Leading up to 31 December 1999, I recall us folks in IT running around our businesses patching systems in worry of the Y2K issue. Whilst technically there was some cause for concern, it also demonstrated how the IT industry can overplay and exacerbate certain challenges, issues, and threats we face.


I can think of numerous examples where our industry is amazingly quick to jump on the bandwagon of a certain topic and use it to obtain additional budget, sell more services or introduce new products. Whether you are an IT decision maker, a vendor, or a partner, we all do it! “Cloud.” “VDI.” “Security.” “Ransomware.” “WannaCrypt/WannaCry.” “Windows 10.” “Consumerization of IT.” “Internet of Things” or “IoT.” “Artificial intelligence” or “AI.” Each is a legitimate set of challenges, but they are all also IT buzzwords that we attach to – and, if we are honest, sometimes overuse and overindulge in.

The GDPR has fast become one of “those” topics. As I sit here today, far too many IT organisations, vendors, and pundits are trying to attach themselves to GDPR and use it more for PR than to encourage compliance with GDPR or better data protection practices.


Well, then, Simon, how should organizations be dealing with the GDPR?


Unlike the Y2K problem and its “hard deadline” of 31 January 1999, 28 May 2018 is not a date in which organisations and IT need to work towards. Instead, I would argue that 28 May 2018 is the day work on GDPR compliance starts, not completes.


This is because GDPR requires a change to fundamental business and IT procedures and workflows. It requires a business to change it processes so that GDPR compliance is built into the practice of the business. Compliance requirements can’t be viewed as something that IT or the business simply reacts to if and when a change occurs relevant to PII data. Also, whilst some technology can help, some sadly cannot. And none – I repeat, none – provide the “silver bullet” that ensures you are compliant and protected.


GDPR is, in fact, not an IT problem. It’s a business problem. It’s more legal than IT. IT only makes up part of the solution.


But Simon, aren’t you also jumping on the GDPR bandwagon here? Aren’t you simply using the new EU directive to promote Ivanti?


In short yes, I am! But in fairness, I believe we have right to do so, even though I reiterate that there is no silver bullet, and add that no single vendor’s solutions or technologies alone can suffice. In fact, Ivanti have both service management and endpoint security solutions, both of which can help form part of the solution. But where GDPR is concerned, it’s the discipline and methodology and not the technology I speak to people about.


So what specific guidance can you offer?


Under GDPR, any data needs to be accessible, audited and provided on demand at any moment in time. Understanding where your data is and retrieving it in a timely fashion is key. Should that same data be subject to data loss or a security breach, GDPR also states you have 72 hours to report the incident and present what preventative steps and remediation plans are in place.

Simply put, managing and protecting data in its basic sense is a series of requests and actions, something that a true service management platform should provide. Since merging with Heat software in January 2017, Ivanti now has more than 3,500 ITSM customers. And as Landesk and Heat before the merger, Ivanti has years of experience in helping orgnisations automate and unify such processes. Regardless of whether you choose our solutions or not, modern service management should be at the heart of how your business complies with and responds to the GDPR.


In addition, GDPR requires that personal data is “processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security… including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.” After a breach, demonstrating such security measures could impact the amount of fine received. In today’s nasty world of malware and ransomware attacks encrypting said data, it is key that organisations look at better ways to protect the data and the endpoints in the first place.


Ivanti believe that prevention is better than cure, a view endorsed by multiple bodies, notably the US Center for Internet Security (CIS) Their recommendations are supported by organizations around the world, including the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), the FBI, and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the United Kingdom (UK). All of these agencies agree that timely patching of applications and operating systems, application control, device control, and reining in admin privileges can eliminate some 85 percent of rogue intrusions.


With these basic steps , organisations can protect themselves far better and demonstrate that at least the basic, appropriate levels of protection have been put in place. Again, whilst Ivanti have solutions in this space, I would urge any organisations to investigate how operating systems, applications, and users are being patched and controlled to ensure that attack surface areas are reduced.


Thanks so much, Simon. Great advice. Any final observations?


If, like many, you have yet to start your journey to GDPR compliance, don’t panic. You are not alone. Appreciate that it’s a business problem and not just an IT challenge. Engage your legal department colleagues, and start assessing your compliance today.


Thanks to Simon for his insights. When you’re ready to take on the GDPR, check out Ivanti’s solutions for application and operating system patch managementapplication controladmin rights management, and control of PCs and macOS systemsiOS devices, and mobile devices. Also explore our solutions for improved delivery of IT and business services. Then contact Ivanti and let us help you to unify and modernize your IT, and make your enterprise more than “GDPR-ready.”



New Offering Combines Sales Acceleration Tools with Premise or Cloud-Based Contact Manager CRM

Salem, NH — July 17, 2017 —ConnectLeader, a leading innovator in B2B sales acceleration technologies, announced today its GoldMine partnership. Under the new agreement, ConnectLeader will integrate their award-winning sales acceleration offering with GoldMine’s relationship management solutions, to form a best-of-breed platform to track all contact, lead, and activities information while shortening sales cycles.

GoldMine is a leading provider of relationship management solutions with over 1 million users and managing over 1 billion relationships–making the company’s solution one of the most widely used relationship management technologies in the world. ConnectLeader’s offering will become a part of GoldMine’s Premium Integrated Solutions program, to form a comprehensive sales tool for activity tracking, complete data viewing and in-depth reporting.

“ConnectLeader’s integration with GoldMine greatly accelerates the sales process by enabling reps to spend more time conducting conversations and building relationships rather than searching for contact information and navigating through gatekeepers and voicemail,” said Paul Petersen, Vice President and General Manager of GoldMine.

ConnectLeader’s award-winning intelligent sales acceleration platform does not require any integration with the end user’s PBX or other phone service and is immediately ready to use by offering the following sales productivity and functionality tools:

  1. Click Dialer®– Click-to-call software residing within Salesforce.com that allows users to simply click and dial any phone number, take notes, leave a voice message, send email, and quickly move onto the next prospect.
  2. Personal Dialer®– Power dialing software that expands the Click Dialer features to allow users to seamlessly dial using a patented visibility and control capability while power dialing—improving sales productivity from 30% to 100% compared to manual dialing.
  3. Team Dialer®– An agent-assisted dialing solution that takes power dialing to the next level by allowing a group of human agents to make 125-150 dials per hour while filtering through non-productive dialing activities such as navigating voice mail systems, dealing with gatekeepers and leaving voice messages. Using Team Dialer, sales representatives are able to engage in 8 to 12 live conversations per hour with decision makers. This product improves sales productivity by up to 800% compared to manual dialing.

These options are fully integrated with GoldMine lists to automatically synchronize important call codes and notes.

“Tightly integrating best-of-bread sales tools removes the additional steps to navigate between platforms, giving reps more time to be productive with their outreach,” said Jim Lochry, Senior VP of Corporate Development, ConnectLeader. “We are proud to be included within GoldMine’s Premium Integrated Solutions program and look forward to future ConnectLeader product integrations.”

In addition, ConnectLeader recently announced the availability of their TopRungⓇ sales gamification and performance management tool. TopRung uses the power of team competition to align, adopt and accelerate sales activities, as well as drive sales process adoption and create more lead generation conversations that become pipeline opportunities.

To learn how you can leverage ConnectLeader’s data intelligence and calling solutions to improve sales productivity, call 800.955.5040 or email info@connectleader.com.





About ConnectLeader

ConnectLeader provides sales acceleration technologies for all types of sales roles to increase their top line revenue through accelerated communication, reduced costs and optimized marketing resources to be more efficient. The ConnectLeader® Intelligent Sales Acceleration platform gives sales and marketing teams powerful tools to identify and engage high-quality sales prospects and includes sales connectivity optimization solutions for all types of sales and business development teams. This innovative cloud-based technology is built on the ConnectLeader Adaptilytics® data intelligence engine which identifies and prioritizes outbound calling lists ensuring your best leads are contacted first. To learn more about ConnectLeader’s innovation for B2B sales acceleration, visit http://www.connectleader.com.

ConnectLeader logo for GoldMine Add-Ons

Press Contact:

Betsey Rogers

BridgeView Marketing



Connectleader and its product names are trademarks of Connectleader LLC. GoldMine is a registered trademark of Ivanti in the United States and other countries.

GoldMine announces new Premium Integration Solutions program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                     

 Milpitas, CA, July 17, 2017GoldMine, a CRM pioneer, today announced its new Premium Integrated Solutions program to feature developers who provide specialized features such as quoting, email marketing and telephone integration and include comprehensive integration with  GoldMine. This integration will typically feature updates to a user’s GoldMine database for tracking of activity, viewing, and reporting.

“This new program allows us to showcase how GoldMine can be integrated with other best of breed solutions to provide important additional capabilities,” said Paul Petersen, Vice President and General Manager of GoldMine. “You can use the basic features included in GoldMine or select an option with deeper functionality.”

The inaugural partners deliver advanced and integrated management of email marketing and telephone dialing.

Email management is provided by InteliClick – developed by long time GoldMine partner Business Automation Solutions (BAS). Email marketing has always been a part of GoldMine but IntelliClick provides an on premise or subscription based email marketing automation solution to manage all aspects of email marketing. The user creates lists in their GoldMine database and the results automatically update GoldMine with key metrics such as number sent, opens,  clicks and web page views. This provides a secure and compliant email marketing tool that includes opt out management and even very specialized support for various anti-SPAM legislation. “We have over 150 companies today and we pleased to share our expertise with a larger audience on two products that deliver sophisticated capabilities for the small business CRM user.  BAS has provided this service between these two products for the past decade.  ,” said Steve Pearl, President of BAS. Paul Petersen added, “This is a great way to manage email marketing safely and at a reasonable cost.”

For telephone integration, ConnectLeader provides award-winning sales acceleration technologies with powerful tools to identify the right prospects, obtain accurate contact data, and enable accelerated communication. Options include click-to-dial from a GoldMine contact or activity list or upload a GoldMine list for individual or group access. The advanced Team Dialer® provides an agent-assisted dialing solution that takes power dialing to the next level, allowing a group of callers to make 120-150 dials per hour.  This product improves sales productivity by up to 800% compared to manual dialing.  These options are fully integrated with GoldMine to automatically synchronize important call codes and notes.

“Sales teams spend a great deal of time manually transferring notes, calling gatekeepers and searching for the next, best number to dial–all this takes away from productive selling time,” said Jim Lochry, Senior VP of Corporate Development, ConnectLeader. “Our alliance with GoldMine addresses these issues by integrating proven sales acceleration solutions with long time proven relationship management provided by GoldMine.”

According to Paul Petersen, a key aspect is that ConnectLeader does not require any integration with the end user’s PBX or other phone service – it works with any phone at the office, home, or mobile device to connect and work through their call list. “Connect Leader integrates with GoldMine without complicated and often expensive middleware– it transcends this major technical barrier that is hard for companies, especially smaller sized firms,  to overcome and does not require any equipment upgrades or change in carrier. This is a game changer!”

Video demonstrations of both partners are at www.goldmine.com.


About BAS

BAS is a leading GoldMine third-party developer focused on designing, developing, implementing and supporting useful and cost effective solutions for their clients. BAS is notable for its expertise in CRM deployments, email & web site marketing and has clients in all major industries.  For more information, visit www.intelliclicksoftware.com


About ConnectLeader

ConnectLeader provides a patented cloud platform for sales acceleration technologies that can increase their top line revenue through increases in productivity of 10% to 800%. To learn more about ConnectLeader’s innovations for B2B sales acceleration, visit  http://www.connectleader.com.


About GoldMine
GoldMine is a leading provider of relationship management solutions designed for businesses. With over 1 million users managing over 1 billion relationships, GoldMine is one of the most widely used relationship management technologies in the world.

The GoldMine solution enables organizations to build enduring relationships that enhance business performance through the improvement of employee productivity, customer and partner loyalty, and better management of the entire business ecosystem. GoldMine is published by Ivanti. http://www.goldmine.com/


Please direct all press inquiries to:

Stacy Gentile
Marketing Manager
(414) 573-5443



GoldMine is a registered trademark of Ivanti in the United States and other countries. Other products and brands are the trademarks of their respective owners or companies.




On-Premises or Cloud? Which is right for your business?

Did you realize that the base starting point for similar leading subscription based CRMs is over $100/user/month! For comparable functionality with GoldMine’s CRM, you can own-it and save over 70% right now. Our Cloud offering is even almost 50% less per user per month plus you can run other applications including add on products for free (must own  license) and just a small incremental fee to add Microsoft Office 365.

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New Release of Premium Edition 2017.1

New Release: Premium Edition 2017.1

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Please consult with your partner on applying this new release upgrade. If you need information on accessing the Self-Service portal at https://support.heatsoftware.com, please contact us by email customer.care@ivanti.com or at 800-443-5457 option 3 for Customer Care. Or, contact us here to GET STARTED.

Premium Edition 2017.1 highlights:

GoldMine Web is now more mobile responsive than ever for real-time access to your GoldMine database from any device: smartphone to tablet to PC.


  • New home page for fast access to your upcoming activities, pending emails, and most recently accessed contacts, cases, and opportunities.


  • Manage emails with the new pending email page. File and work with emails individually or by selecting multiple items.


  • See company and contact information – even secondary contacts when linked.


  • Pending and History tabs and Case Notes & Resolution Notes are now added to Cases for greater efficiency for your remote users supporting customers.


  • Now, with a click, you can schedule a Follow-up Action when completing a task.


  • New Outlook link is a simple way to link emails from an Outlook inbox – view and create contacts and select manual or auto linking – great way to expand use to Outlook users and track important business emails.


  • Compatibility tested with Microsoft SQL 2016 & Server 2016 so you can work with the latest operating options to keep current.


  • Our most recent new release Service pack that improves reliability and performance and provides updated compatibility. It also addresses the most requested items from customers including updates to GM Plus View, GM Plus Browser, and the email center.

This new release upgrade is included with maintenance and any new seat purchases and uses concurrent licensing. If you have expired, we can help you get current.

We encourage you to try GoldMine Web and the new Outlook Link options to expand the use of GoldMine CRM for your business, to increase user adoption, and to offer flexible real-time options.

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new release 2017.1

The True Cost of SaaS – Find Out How to Save Money

There are a lot of assumptions about SaaS pricing.  We examine the top four myths.

Let’s explore the costs of SaaS, and offer some alternatives.

Monthly SaaS cost looks so reasonable, especially when you compare the one time cost of buying software, but here is what we know: by owning your CRM software you keep your system over 5, 7, and even 10+ years. The cost of a monthly subscription over many years can substantially add up.

This graph compares a 5 year life of a one time purchase with annual support renewed compared to the ongoing monthly fee. For 5 years software access costs are $18,000 less.

SaaS CRM Affordability Chart

Myth buster 1: SaaS providers advertise monthly but do not bill monthly.

Myth buster 2: It’s less costly to get started. This is not really true because SaaS providers require payment for the first year upfront.

I can get started easily. You start the trial, upload some data (already doing the work), then you are committed.

Myth buster 3: Someone has to migrate your data, create users and set up business rules. Are you a trained SaaS app administrator?

Myth buster 4: It’s a SaaS secret that the SaaS providers have consulting staffs at rates often at the highest in the industry, often over $200 an hour.

Myth buster 5: Most SaaS have full time admins – not just someone who does it occasionally.

I can start easy and integrate later. The reality: to integrate, your data has to be in their cloud. How are you going to get it there and keep it current?

Myth buster 6: In our experience, most firms don’t end up doing it due to complexity and cost.

Myth buster 7: One of the top requests we hear is for integration with accounting.

With SaaS I don’t need a server or network however, you have to provide internet and network access to other applications and keep it up to date.

Myth buster 8: Does your business run on only one application? While it is true that the SaaS app won’t require a lot, you still have to create back-ups for your other applications as well as security – so the savings here may be only storage, often a low cost item.

Many offer basic lower cost items to start but when you add opportunity management, customer service, etc., that requires additional monthly fees.

Myth buster 9: You may have a quote for $25 a month but the average user fee based on market feedback is $700-$1,000.

Myth buster 10: There are costs for increased storage, emails, etc. over time.

GoldMine has two alternatives to SaaS for you:

Alternative #1: Own it for the most affordable CRM. 

It is a one time purchase cost and no monthly fees. After two years your cost drops about 70% as compared to a SaaS subscription.

BONUS: Running all your apps in one environment allows for easier integration and lower cost.

  • All-in-one: GoldMine is all-in-one contact management, sales opportunity, marketing list management and campaigns, and customer service.
  • Use add-on products to add advanced features, important data management for integration, reporting tools built into GoldMine database to make it easier.
  • Industry leading CRM add-ons like Riva, Constant Contact, and QuoteWorks work with GoldMine.
  • Integration: GoldMine offers a way to query and view data from other applications you own. There are also prebuilt integrations for QuickBooks, Dynamics, and add-on software ERP.

Alternative #2: GoldMine Cloud  

If you don’t have a server, GoldMine Cloud has all the advantages of our all-in-one CRM with a very competitive monthly rate.

BONUS: GoldMine Cloud is a Desktop-as-a-Service, not a “one app SaaS”. You can move all your apps to the cloud – so instead of multiple SaaS subscriptions and data in many places, you can use GoldMine Cloud for one stop.

  • Add other apps you own to the desktop, for small incremental fees
  • Run your mail server in GoldMine Cloud
  • Enterprise class computing power security and back-up included
  • Include your existing Office 365 or a new Office 365 subscription
  • Use integration to QuickBooks in cloud
  • Your documents are also stored in cloud

If you stop, you can download your GoldMine files and run on your server with 30 days notice.
If you already run GoldMine, you can upload your existing files.

GoldMine Cloud meets all data security and audit requirements.

See our cost comparison online tool: Find My Savings

About GoldMine

GoldMine® is a leading provider of relationship management solutions designed for all businesses. With over 1 million users managing over 1 billion relationships, GoldMine is one of the most widely used relationship management technologies in the world. GoldMine is a division of Heat Software, headquartered in Milpitas, California, USA.

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Leading with GoldMine – Lead Transfer and CRM

From our guest writer at InaPlex:

InaPlex CRM Integration

Leading with GoldMine – Lead Transfer and CRM


This post (presented in two parts) looks at the challenges that can arise when importing data, such as leads, into a CRM system. Effective techniques for moving data are discussed, and a step-by-step process for transferring leads to GoldMine is provided.


GoldMine provides a wealth of tools for managing client information, so it’s important to make sure that new customer details are seamlessly transferred to GoldMine as they become available, no matter where they come from.

Moving data can cover a lot of areas, so in this post we’ve simplified the subject by looking at a fairly common requirement for CRM users – importing leads. The post is made up of two parts. The first part (below) describes typical challenges and how to overcome them, and highlights the problems that can arise when leads are imported incorrectly. The second part (posted next week) steps through the process of actually setting up and running lead imports. Together, the two parts tell you how to import leads correctly into GoldMine and show you exactly how to go about it.

Does it matter where the leads come from?

Leads can come from a wide range of sources such as marketing automation systems, third party providers or web sites, and may be stored in Excel, CSV files, or any other ODBC source. They might need to be moved to the CRM system occasionally, frequently, or almost continually. Whatever the source, or the frequency of transfer, however, there are techniques to ensure leads are updated correctly in GoldMine, whenever they are needed. As long as you understand the data format, it doesn’t really matter where the leads come from.

Identify and overcome data quality issues

One of the first things to check is data quality as it’s not unusual for leads (or any data) to have integrity issues. Here are some examples:

  • Capitalizations – are names and addresses capitalized incorrectly? If you transfer across mr. jones, as an example, emails will use this unprofessional salutation
  • Invalid email addresses – is the error simple (such as .co is probably .com) or more fundamental (such as ripley@aliens.universe)
  • Incorrect naming conventions – how should you transfer ms annie smith mba?
  • Find any junk data hiding in the leads, such as nonsense phone numbers or addresses

There are many other variations that frequently occur and data formats need cleaning before they’re transferred. If you end up with sloppy client details in GoldMine this will limit the effectiveness of follow-up, and lower the image of your Company.

Do you have duplicates in the leads being imported into GoldMine?

There is no point transferring a lead that is already a client unless you attach it to the existing client record. The last thing you want is to treat an existing contact like a stranger by creating a duplicate contact in GoldMine. Plus, there are benefits to knowing how many new leads are in any new batch of leads. For both these reasons, catching duplicates is imperative.

There are a few ways this can be done. You can look for matches on fields or groups of fields and use these to catch duplicates or you can use fuzzy matching to ensure details meet certain criteria to be confirmed as an existing client. It doesn’t really matter which approach you take, as long as you do something to make sure your GoldMine database doesn’t become full of duplicate contacts.

You’ve cleaned up the leads, made sure there are no duplicates, so now what?

Clearly you want to make full use of the leads as soon as you can, and good way to do this is to make use of Goldmine’s automated processes;  this is the best way to attach preset processes to leads when they are moved into GoldMine.

Let’s say that you want new leads to be handled as follows:

  1. An automatic email is sent immediately
  2. A follow-up email is sent two days later unless the contact becomes active
  3. An attractive offer is sent 6 days later unless the contact becomes active
  4. And so on…..

You can set up a process in GoldMine to schedule these, or any other, steps (from sending emails or setting call reminders to booking meetings) and attach this process to leads as they are loaded into GoldMine. You can even have different processes for different types of leads. The upshot is that leads are dealt with automatically, appropriately, and in accordance with your business processes. This is not only a time saver; it’s also a very efficient way of handling lead management.

Make sure leads are sent to the right people for follow-up.

If you want to get fast follow-up by the right people, another thing you can do is automate smart lead routing, especially if you have several different sales teams or regions. This makes sure that the right people are automatically assigned to follow-up a lead, and also lets you balance the load so that leads are distributed fairly and evenly across the correct sales team. This is another level of efficiency to make sure the lead management process works as well as it can.

Now that you know the theory around importing leads, let’s look at how to do it.

This document has given you an overview of what needs to be considered when transferring leads into GoldMine, however it hasn’t shown you how to actually do this. Next week’s post will provide step by step instructions and processes you can follow to load your leads quickly and correctly into GoldMine.

Super Bowl Coaching Strategies for CRM

super bowl coach your teamIt’s  Super Bowl time again and one can’t help but think of all of the great coaches. Looking at names like Lombardi, Madden, Noll, Walsh, Johnson and Shanahan you know they all had one thing in common – Leadership. They took their teams to the promise land. They did what everyone else that year couldn’t. They won.

Super Bowl coaches, much like C-level executives or Small Business Owners have a lot of things to manage on a daily basis. There isn’t a shortage of moving parts, but somehow, great coaches make it look easy. So let’s beg the question. How would a Super Bowl 51 coach running a small business manage the CRM system?

Manage the Salary Cap

Not unlike a small business, NFL teams have to watch their salary cap. If you are running an insurance firm and have 10 employees do you really need to spend the big dollars and go with the top of the line CRM solution? Of course not. As a matter of fact, did you know that most enterprise level firms only use a fraction of the features in their bloated CRM software? Go with something simple. Go with something you can grow into. Go with something proven. Go with something affordable. Do not buy things you don’t need and won’t use.

The Free Agent Market

Every year NFL teams have to swap personnel in and out of their teams. Having the right players makes all of the difference. Some breakout players want big money and fail to deliver while others are quiet and consistently get the job done. As a small business owner you probably can’t afford the Running Back who ran for 2,500 yards and 25 touchdowns last year. What you need is affordable players who understand the fundamentals of CRM. Someone who day in and day out gets the job done. They input their data, they write good notes and they know how to leverage the CRM system for results.

Training and Conditioning

All of the great NFL coaches take training seriously. Small business owners on the other hand – usually not. Training is probably the number one missed opportunity in most smaller organizations. Can you imagine an NFL team that ignored training? They wouldn’t win a single game. This is why Super Bowl coaches spend so much time training on fundamentals. Everyone has to know their job. They have to know what part of the field to be on and how to do their job. That also means accountability and if someone doesn’t do their job, they get benched. Set aside a training calendar for your team and stick to it.

super bowl the crm gameplanDevelop the Gameplan

Super Bowl coaches don’t take the field without knowing their competition and without having a gameplan, and neither should you. They know how many times they want to run the ball, they know where they have good match-ups, and they know where the might have troubles. They develop a scheme around all of these. As a small business you have to do the same. What are you good at? What are you bad at? Where can you leverage a favorable matchup against your competition? Are you managing the game with Key Performance Indicators and staying on plan? Your CRM can help get you the data you need via dashboards to help you manage what’s happening on the field.

A Good Offense

Let’s be honest, we love high-powered offenses. Watching your team run one across the goal-line is a special thing, especially when they do it over and over. As a small business, your offense is Sales and Marketing. If you have a well-oiled machine you know that you are going to put points on the scoreboard. Having a well-oiled CRM system makes doing that much easier. Marketing is pulling lists and sending out targeted campaigns. Sales is working down lead sheets, and having precision conversations with prospects. All of this leads to deals being closed. What you don’t want is fumbles or interceptions or penalties. They slow down your offense and get you out of synch. When small businesses have bad data, improper dispositions, spend time on the wrong people – all of this hurts your chances to score.


super bowl training and coaching your sales teamA Good Defense

While offense is sexy, defense is what wins championships. If Sales and Marketing is your offense, then Customer Service, Finance and Operations is your defense. If a small business wins 5 customers and loses 10 they aren’t going to get the confetti bath. A good defense will help you keep customers happy, fulfill orders, and manage the backend of the operations. Your CRM system is the backbone to a good defense. This means the back office has to have their own dedicated part of the CRM platform. They have to “Protect This House”!

The Audible

Every small business owner will tell you that things change. They will tell you that things didn’t go according to plan. Just like in the NFL, you might find out that your running game isn’t working so well on the right side of the line, or your deep field threats aren’t getting open. When things aren’t working you have to be willing to call an audible. You have to change the play at the line. Having a highly tuned CRM system can help small businesses do this. Your system is full of data and if you can dig into it, if you can get accurate reports and charts of what’s going on, you can adjust. Just like in the NFL, when small business owners realize something isn’t working you call an audible.

The Halftime Speech

It’s exhausting just to get through the season and the playoffs let alone playing in the most important game of the year. Coaches have to constantly motivate their teams and Super Bowl coaches know exactly how to do this. As a small business owner you will be faced with team members that are tired, they start slacking off with their duties and maybe have the wrong mindset. Just like a coach, you have to get in there and light the fire. Each player might be different but as the leader, you set the tone. It’s not fun to motivate sales people to enter data or for customer service to input good notes, but all of you have one common goal. As the leader you have to motivate them to get it done. That’s the art of the halftime speech!

super bowl goldmine crm coach your teamPost Game Analysis

At the end of the game, whether you won or lost, every Super Bowl coach knows that there is going to be a post-game press conference and lots of time watching the game film in the offseason. The scoreboard never lies and whatever happened on that field will be forever etched in the history books. One thing the NFL is fantastic at is keeping statistics. There are more statistics and data points than you can imagine. This is the exact thing that your CRM was meant to do. Really good teams have lots of data. They know how to analyze it and how to adjust their organizations base upon that data.

So there you have it. If you were going to take your small business to the Super Bowl, what kind of coach would you be? What aspects of your team would be strong? What would your post-game press conference sound like?