Lie Detector for digital body language

Using CRM to Determine Digital Body Language

Do you know what digital body language is? Most businesses today offer a digital “storefront”, and make no mistake, they know the competition is fierce. Marketers are busy sending out mass emails, writing blog posts, mastering key words for search engine optimization, recording videos, writing whitepapers, and creating pay per click campaigns, all in the hopes of driving future customers to their websites and trying to close more deals. Hundreds of billions of dollars in business are closed online in today’s marketplace, but to many, the digital process of buying and selling can be a bit cold. What many small businesses are learning, however, is that it doesn’t have to be that way. When small businesses leverage the power of CRM and Marketing Automation, they can turn a cold approach into a warm one.

For many in sales today, they never got to experience face to face sales – they never got the experience of “pressing the flesh”. Back then, you had to be able to read a human being. You had to read their smile, how they shrugged their shoulders, engaged in eye contact or heard the subtle tones in their voice. All clues that gave you a sense of how the deal was going to turn out. In short, we could read a prospect’s “body language”. These clues helped us to figure out what to say or what next steps we needed to take in order to close the business.

The opportunity to establish a warm and trusting relationship with our prospects and customers was ever present. Those who succeeded were often times the ones most tapped into this “body language”. It gave them an unfair advantage. Believe it or not, in today’s crazy world of sales and marketing, we can still read those signs; they are digital in nature but still there, and you can still use them as an unfair advantage. If you know what to look for.

Capturing virtual prospects gestures, behaviors, and interests — their digital footprints — allows us to identify good opportunities, understand needs, respond in meaningful ways, build trust and comfort, and close more business faster. Making this happen is simple; but you need the right tools. That’s where GoldMine CRM and IntelliClick come in. Together, they offer an effective solution to capture, track and act on digital body language. Join us for a complimentary webinar on October 24th at 2pm Eastern to learn how you can take advantage of digital body language. REGISTER HERE


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