Which Marketing Automation Solutions Are You Using?

At GoldMine, we are looking for the next big thing that we can work on to incorporate into our product – and based on industry analyst projections, marketing automation will be the biggest growth area. We’d love to know what you are using for this – and is it delivering the results you would like?

GoldMine has provided some elements of what is now called marketing automation. “GoldMine was selected to be in the list of vendors in our Marketing Automation UserView Survey,” stated Software Advice marketing analyst Derek Singleton, “because of GoldMine’s long history in CRM and sales force automation. As the company continues to evolve in the marketing automation space, we wanted to measure user perceptions on the greatest strengths and benefits of GoldMine.”

The survey helps us all understand the current state and what current users like you would like. Take the survey – get real time results and help shape the future.