Microsoft announced plans in 2020 to deprecate basic authentication for many of their online services.  Basic authentication allows users to log into systems with simple username + password combinations.  The company has already switched many account tenants to modern authentication and beginning Oct 1, 2022 Microsoft will start removing basic authentication capability without exception from all of its online tenant accounts.

Based on the May 2022 Exchange Team blog post (click the link below to view), Microsoft reminds that basic authentication is the most common way they have found customer accounts become compromised by hackers.

Customers using GoldMine to send/receive emails hosted by Microsoft, Google Gmail, and certain others reselling those services should upgrade to a recent version of GoldMine (v2021 and higher) to use the modern authentication (oAUTH2) now built into the GoldMine Mail Center.

If you are running an older version of GoldMine you may need to upgrade to take advantage of the new oAUTH2 functionality.  Fill in and submit the form below with your license information to check for upgrade options.

View the Microsoft Exchange Team blog post