CRM Buyers Guide

CRM Buyers Guide

Allow Us To Make A Case For GoldMine’s CRM

Buying a CRM system isn’t easy. CRM Systems are one of the most important pieces of technology in any business. We hope that this Buyers Guide will help you choose whatever platform is best for you. Getting it right is critical, but too many companies rush into selecting the wrong CRM system and then they find themselves with features they can’t use, features they don’t use, paying too much or all of the above. Don’t let this happen to you.

Considering a recent study pointed to more than a 50% failure rate of CRM implementations, there is a significant need for more research prior to jumping into choosing the right Customer Relationship Management system.

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We pioneered the CRM industry

GoldMine has been around for more than 25 years. When you have been doing this as long as we have, you learn a thing or two. With millions of users all around the world our CRM system is the by-product of listening to our customers longer than anyone else.

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Powerful CRM At a Price You Can Afford

GoldMine CRM is one of the only CRM systems you can actually own. With one up-front payment, you can buy licenses. These licenses can be used concurrently, which means you can share seats within your company, thereby cutting down on how many seats you usually have to lease. The net effect of this is that in year 2 your cost is dramatically lower. That’s far different than the popular SaaS model used by most CRM companies today where you pay monthly per seat and if you stop paying, they shut you off.

  • Our perpetual licensing means you own the software with a one-time fee – each year afterwards our cost is over 70% less than subscriptions.
  • Shared licensing – You can add all your employees and just manage the number of simultaneous users.
  • The average 5 user subscription can save over $10,000 over 5 years compared to competitor subscription packages.
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Easy to Use and Quick Ramp Up Time

We have a core belief that CRM should be Simple, Affordable and Proven. Our entire product suite is built around that model. Our easy to use interface means faster ramp-up time, less training and a faster realization of the benefits from having a leading CRM.

GoldMine integrates with other products you own, including:


Feature Rich Not Feature Overload

There are a lot of CRMs out there that have hundreds and hundreds of features. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, unless you are being forced to pay for things you aren’t using or can’t use. Because we have been around for so long, we know what features are important and which ones aren’t. We have solutions for servers on-premise, in the cloud and even mobile.

In addition, GoldMine’s CRM system integrates with many popular add-ons like Constant Contact, QuickBooks, Outlook, phone dialers and many others, giving GoldMine a strong foundation in which you can add outside functionality.

  • Relationships tab makes it easier to manage and see account/contact relationships
  • Real-time graphical dashboards
  • Universal search to find key words anywhere in the database including notes, emails, attachments
  • Cases module to track and manage your customer service inquiries with integrated knowledgebase, document templates, and use all of the Activity management features of GoldMine in your Customer Service department
  • Outlook client for auto linking of email, synching of calendars, and display of important GoldMine contact information in Outlook along with auto launch from the inbox
  • Expanded Opportunity Management
  • New Calendar views
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And We Offer Full Mobility (Multi-Access)

  • iPhone, iPad and Android: key contact management with a touch screen interface for real time access – great for users in the field
  • Browser access with iGoldMine: thin client access in a browser to the full features and function of GoldMine – great for remote users and PCs with wireless connections in hotels and airports
  • GoldMine Premium: The on Premise solution
  • GoldMine Web: Access on the go
  • GoldMine Cloud: Flexible sign up options for BYOL hosting or subscription with monthly or annual terms
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You will have Access to Our World-Wide Partner Network

We have a network of over 75 trained and certified consultants who can help you install your data, customize, and train and then help you add new capabilities as your program matures.

Complete customer support includes:



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