crm - not just for sales


For over 25 years GoldMine has been helping businesses of all sizes and knows the challenges they face.


One of our customers in the Gas & Oil industry needed to be highly responsive with their emergency response vehicles and required an effective and affordable solution.


GoldMine CRM resource schedulingThis customer uses GoldMine to track and dispatch their emergency vehicles that they have at each site, allowing the company to be efficient with scheduling their vehicles and ultimately, providing excellent service to their customers.

CRM is commonly known as a sales tool but GoldMine can be used across all departments, such as HR, Marketing and Support, in various capacities.

  • Track or dispatch equipment or people.
  • GoldMine Calendar and Scheduling capabilities allows you to track multiple resources on a shared view or calendar.
  • Users can quickly determine availability of resources and dispatch in a more effective manner.