Customer Case Studies

Air Animal

With GoldMine, we cut down a significant number of time-wasting moments and reduced data errors.

Air Animal Pet Movers Cuts Lead Follow-Up Time by Over 50 Percent with GoldMine
Moving is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life and it is made much more difficult with pets. Since 1977, Air Animal Pet Movers has helped families relocate with greater peace of mind. From its Tampa, Florida offices, the veterinarian-owned company coordinates the logistics of moving animals across the country and across the ocean.

Air Animal brought in GoldMine Premium Edition to track every interaction with clients, from start to finish. With the solution, the company modernized its entire customer lifecycle, from sales to invoicing. Air Animal keeps necessary documents connected to contact records as well as the names and contact information for the vendors assisting in the move. With 10 custom templates in GoldMine, the business launches personalized communications to clients – such as thank-you emails – with names and other data filled in pre-defined fields.
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AB Orthodontics

GoldMine has become a central part of our day-to-day business operations…. It is a comprehensive tool that has enabled us to more effectively manage the entire customer relationship cycle.

GoldMine CRM Helps Straighten Business for AB Orthodontics
AB Orthodontics is a Melbourne-based supplier of orthodontic products, such as braces, mouthguards and hand instruments to orthodontists throughout Australia and New Zealand. Since implementing GoldMine as their CRM solution, AB Orthodontics has seen a marked improvement in communication levels between sales and administrative staff. The level of detail available means that achievements or problems can be recognised as early as possible. AB Orthodontics now views GoldMine as central to managing all relationships in their business.
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Australian Menopause Centre

GoldMine has become a central part of our day-to-day business operations…. It is a comprehensive tool that has enabled us to more effectively manage the entire customer relationship cycle.

GoldMine CRM Helps Australian Menopause Centre Improve Patient Care
The Australian Menopause Centre has a very experienced group of medical and paramedical staff focused on providing the highest possible level of care via an individualised treatment program that encompasses a variety of options for treatment of the symptoms of menopause but also involves closer monitoring and regular review.

The Centre opted specifically for the GoldMine CRM solution due to its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and its strong automation features. Since implementing GoldMine, the Centre has enjoyed a number of core business benefits, including better management of patient information, increased accessibility of information throughout the entire organisation, and an improvement in the level of patient care provided. The Centre has also used GoldMine to streamline financial processes, improving productivity.
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Blaser Swisslube

We find that GoldMine, from a cost/benefit perspective, provides more capabilities than some of the other similarly priced products, and as many capabilities as some of the more expensive ones.

GoldMine Helps Blaser Get a Complete Picture of Its Customers
In 1936, Willy Blaser founded Blaser Swisslube ( with a single product in his Swiss hometown. Still family-owned and operated today, Blaser makes a variety of high-end, Swiss-quality coolants and cutting oils in a range of industries, from diesel engine manufacturers to research labs to bicycle makers. With its worldwide headquarters in Switzerland, the company serves customers globally through dozens of offices and sister companies.

Before moving to GoldMine, the company kept customer and prospect information in several different databases. Staff members found it time-consuming to track down a complete picture of a customer or prospect’s current situation. On top of that, it was virtually impossible for sales to report on efforts and forecast its pipeline. Blaser now uses GoldMine to share customer information and sales opportunities among its offices and sales members.
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CEO Forum Group

GoldMine CRM has transformed the way we conduct our business. We now have complete visibility of all contact information. Ultimately, we have streamlined our entire database, making it a lot easier to manage.

GoldMine Facilitates Growth for CEO Forum
CEO Forum Group specialises in peer group briefings and network services for the CEOs, CFOs and HR Directors of the Australian subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies. Given the number of events they host each month across Sydney and Melbourne, the company required a solution that could effectively manage its entire contact database. CEO Forum Group also required a centralised way to support the core event management component of its business.

CEO Forum Group’s decision to implement GoldMine was primarily due to its ease-of-use, competitive pricing and its ability to seamlessly synchronise information between two remote office locations. CEO Forum Group now has the ability to more effectively manage overall communication with each individual contact.
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Eastern Instrumentation Philadelphia

We can focus on selling, rather than spending time learning the software.

GoldMine Gives Reps Access to Their Sales Pipeline in Seconds
In the late ‘90s, Eastern Instrumentation moved its contact management from an Excel spreadsheet to GoldMine software. That step brought Eastern’s sales into the electronic age. But with the pace of business and technology advancements, Eastern found it needed more than contact management, specifically an easy-to-use interface, more seamless synchronization and simpler forecasting. Now, GoldMine provides reps and managers easy access to view their sales pipeline in a matter of clicks. The simple interface allows reps to find information in seconds so they can spend more time selling. Reps focus on selling rather than learning software.
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First Direct Corp

I was drawn to GoldMine because its automated processes, customization and strong work group concepts made it unlike any other products. I saw how GoldMine could be used to grow my clients’ businesses along with my own. Simply put, GoldMine was going to yield the best return-on-investment (ROI).

GoldMine Delivers Quality Customer Service to First Direct
In a highly competitive industry, First Direct has climbed to the top one percent of partners nationwide through what it calls its “marketing machine,” developed with the use of GoldMine software and related add-on solutions. GoldMine is now delivering consistent quality customer service to the company’s more than 2,000 devoted customers around the country, ranging from major corporations to small home offices.
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Growth Products, Ltd.

We have been able to expand our markets and we have become more productive because we are more organized with GoldMine. It couldn’t be done without GoldMine.

GoldMine Meets Growth Products’ Challenge to Keep Track of Prospects and Customers
With high quality, environmentally-friendly products and loyal customers worldwide, Growth Products, Ltd. has grown quickly, seeing revenues increase and its distributor network double, and export business triple in the past seven years. Customers worldwide rely on Growth Products to stay green and thriving.

Organization has been essential to the company’s success, according to Clare Reinbergen, President, who says the biggest challenge is to organize its salespeople. With a team of just five people, each one overseeing a different region of the United States and often several other countries, keeping track of new prospects, hundreds of clients worldwide, and the company’s 10,000 active contacts is a real challenge. In additional to sales, technical support and administrative personnel all interface with the same customers, making a centralized customer relationship management system essential.
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LA Sight Medical Center

I picked GoldMine because the LASIK business is all about customer relationship management.

GoldMine Enhances Patient Service and Office Productivity for LA Sight
Recognized as a leader in his industry and as one of “LA’s Best Doctors” (Los Angeles Magazine), Dr. David Wallace has a unique vision for LA Sight Medical Center, his ophthalmology practice and laser center. Beyond his surgical expertise, Dr. Wallace has an eye for creative marketing and top-tier customer service: two areas that have changed medical practice significantly in the Internet age.

Automated processes in GoldMine drive initiatives designed to enhance patient service and office productivity. LA Sight can easily compare weekly online inquiries, consultations, surgeries, and follow-ups against previous periods. Other queries track referrals from other physicians and the Web site, allowing the center to identify, cultivate, and maintain successful referral relationships.
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Midalia Steel

We have been able to reengage and ignite relationships that had previously fallen off the radar a little. Before implementing GoldMine we were only servicing 20% of our rural customer base effectively. Now we have reactivated lapsed accounts to the value of $200,000 – $400,000.

Midalia Steel Extends Customer Reach with GoldMine
Midalia Steel, Western Australia’s premier supplier of steel products, required a more effective means of communicating and engaging with its remote customers. Since implementing GoldMine, Midalia Steel has enjoyed a number of critical business benefits, including gaining a more holistic view of all data relating to its customer base, and a considerable improvement in organization when communicating with customers on an ongoing basis.
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Polar Electro

In terms of our profitability this quarter, we have been able to meet and exceed our goals. Marketing has said that this year they were able to reach a larger audience than last year using GoldMine. They directly link GoldMine to our increased profitability.

Polar Electro Extends Its Market Reach with GoldMine
Since 1977, Polar Electro has been a leader and innovator in training technology as a major manufacturer of sports instruments, and heart rate monitoring, registering and evaluation equipment. Headquartered in Finland, Polar Electro operates internationally in over 80 countries. Many on the North American team, including staff in sales, marketing, accounting, information services, and company executives, use GoldMine on a daily basis to manage contacts. Staff members no longer juggle two applications for e-mail and contact management.
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Overall, our development costs are lower, our release and risk management more robust. This is because the GoldMine solution is cost-effective and flexible.

Quitline New Zealand supports more client with GoldMine CRM System
Quitline is a free service helping New Zealanders to quit smoking. Their implementation of GoldMine has become extremely important, providing support to many aspects of the business. The GoldMine solution has improved Quitline’s ability to interact and communicate with clients over multiple channels, and opened up improved interfaces between the CRM system and their website.
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Skyline is trying to guide dealers toward common platforms so they can interact with us more easily, and prospect leads more proactively.

GoldMine Configured for Skyline, Resulting in Targeted Sales and Service
For over 25 years, Minnesota-based Skyline has been perfecting the art and science of trade show displays, helping countless clients maximize their trade show investments. Today, Skyline operates through a network of 142 dealers in 45 countries. Specifically, Skyline hoped to use a CRM solution to streamline their dealers’ ability to act on leads, expedite reporting, and integrate with a standard quoting application. GoldMine addressed all of those needs, tracking information such as customer shows, exhibit sizes, and key customer details. In minutes, dealers can bring leads from Skyline corporate into GoldMine and begin contacting them. Dealers can run reports to see every customer or prospect and market to them specifically. GoldMine also integrates seamlessly with QuoteWerks software, simplifying quoting and reducing duplicate data entry.
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Specialized Office Systems

We feel we can grow the business by three times if we can sell additional products to every one of our clients. This utility allows us to do that. We’ll be able to do more strategic, targeted, direct mail and email campaigns.

GoldMine Interface Enables Smarter, More Targeted Sales
When Phoenix-based Specialized Office Systems (S0S) set out to overhaul its efficiency a few years ago, it examined every system and process. The family-owned and run business knew that weathering a down economy depended on it. With GoldMine, users now have real-time access to detailed e-Quantum accounting information. The interface links the company’s two main programs, saving time for staff and feeding new sales and marketing opportunities. When a prospect in GoldMine becomes a customer, SOS easily populates that information in e-Quantum. Likewise, a dozen or so transactional details from e-Quantum show up with the relevant customer contact record in GoldMine.

Now when customer service representatives talk to customers, they see real-time data for the client, empowering them to mention new products intelligently to customers. Additionally, sales reps see what customer service discussed with the customer. GoldMine users can also tap into powerful reporting to segment and reach out to their customers by products purchased, dates, geographic location, budget, and other factors.
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Synergy Audio Visual

GoldMine makes the information in the company far more transparent and allows us to handle any service or support issues much more efficiently.

GoldMine Enables Synergy Audio Visual to Share Information More Easily, Increasing Transparency
As an importer and distributor of high-end technology products, Synergy manages a complex network of contacts, due largely to the number of customers and suppliers involved in the reselling process. The scope of contacts Synergy engages with is broad and varied, requiring stringent management. Implementing GoldMine to manage its contacts has enabled Synergy to acquire a centralised knowledge base for the entire company. This information can be accessed by staff regardless of their location, allowing them to manage their complex eco-system of customers and suppliers. GoldMine’s ability to provide a graphical view of customer contacts in the form of an organisational chart has also proved a welcome feature for Synergy.
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GoldMine has improved many elements of our business. Not only have we streamlined our entire database, making it a lot easier to manage, we have expanded its scope to include sales, marketing and business forecasting.

GoldMine Helps Windowline Seal the Deal with Its Customers
As a company that has experienced consistent growth, Windowline wanted to introduce a software solution that could support its growing database of contacts and help generate new customer leads. With a total of 7,538 contacts in the company’s database, Windowline now has the ability to view all customer relationships, maintain account and contact history, and manage their daily activities all through GoldMine. A significant benefit Windowline has enjoyed since introducing GoldMine has been the ability to track key contacts even when they move from one organisation to another.
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