GoldMine Premium Edition

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Your business depends on building close, long-lasting relationships. Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve client satisfaction, and can even reduce business expenses.

That’s why finding the right customer relationship management (CRM) software is so important. Your CRM solution needs to be powerful, easy to use and maintain, and affordable.

Only Goldmine brings all those together in a package that’s perfect for small businesses.

Over 1 million users have selected GoldMine to help them manage over one billion relationships and build enduring relationships that enable them to thrive.

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GoldMine’s robust capabilities and high ease-of-use deliver rapid time to benefit and return on investment. With GoldMine, you’ll:

  • Improve effectiveness, accelerating your goal achievement up to 15%.
  • Boost productivity up to 10%.
  • Increase the number of deals you close by up to 16%.
  • Retain 50% more of your customers over a five-year period.
“The major benefit to us remains the improvement we get in the way we approach our clients.”
—Foster-Melliar CEO David Anderson

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GMPE provides instant access to all CRM data and improves user productivity with feature enhancements and product additions that include:

Complete CRM Dashboards

Manage your business relationship needs with a complete set of visual dashboards, including:

  • Pre-built dashboard parts for marketing, sales, and customer service
  • Ability to configure your own dashboards.

Microsoft Outlook IntegrationGoldMine product screenshot integrate with Outlook

  • Preview GoldMine information directly from Outlook; no need to switch back and forth
  • Users can drill into GoldMine records, improving user adoption

Relationship ManagementGoldMine product screenshot managing contacts

  • Easily and effectively manage every relationship in your business community

Sales ManagementGoldMine product screenshot managing prospects

  • Maintain a consistent selling process
  • Get insight into where you win most
  • Get visibility into your pipeline and forecast

Constant Contact IntegrationGoldMine for Constant Contact

  • No HTML experience required to send business-professional emails
  • GoldMine’s filtering capabilities will let you prepare lists for targeted campaigns
  • View campaign results for new and existing campaigns
  • Watch Quick Start Videos to Learn More

Campaign ManagementGoldMine product screenshot managing campaigns

  • Improve marketing effectiveness
  • Target the right contacts with a better understanding of your best customer
  • Manage your leads more effectively with lead analysis tools

Customer Service and SupportGoldMine product screenshot customer service

  • Manage service requests effectively
  • Improve client satisfaction and customer retention
  • Analyze and resolve customer service issues with Knowledge Base features

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