What’s New in GoldMine 9.2

By Paul Petersen

When a publisher posts a new video on its product, it’s not exactly news. But in the GoldMine community our videos are viewed as “helpful” insights into how customers can use the product they own. Indeed, we purposely keep our video and webinar content focused on the best ways to use GoldMine to help your business. We find it helps prospects evaluate our capabilities and helps current customers get more from the product they already own. We have just posted 4 new Flash demos that highlight the key advantages of GoldMine: our new links from a contact to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps, and News; the new Outlook Client; our new iPhone and iPad-based Mobile edition; and GoldMine’s real-time dashboards. I’ll blog about each one in turn.

No one really knows how social media will impact their business for sure – but we do know that keeping tabs is an imperative today. With the new social media links in GoldMine, you can do just that. We provide a simple view to these sites from within GoldMine – so you can see their latest status, profile updates, and tweets. We then make it easy for you to interact with that information – right form within GoldMine. That’s the power of GM Plus Views – a real-time display of information and an open browser window to other sites and databases. Check out part 1 of the video.

What's new in GoldMine 9.2

One last item: as a best practice, you should be monitoring what people say about you in these forums – and when you find a comment that should receive a follow up, while the response may be an ad hoc effort, you can copy and paste it into a Case within GoldMine so that you can track these issues and monitor trends over time.

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