The (GoldMine) Outlook is Good

By Paul Petersen

Today’s business correspondence is email – and GoldMine has always done a great job of linking sent and received emails to a contact so that others can see it – to track the relationship. And we provide easy to access templates that can be customized for each user, selected from the subject line.

Today, Microsoft Outlook is the corporate standard – and so we developed an Outlook client that manages email and more. Yes, you can link sent and received emails – and the inbox can show you which emails are linked, and even bring in the company name. But we also added a customizable set of panels so you can display other information such as address, phone as well as pending notes, sales opportunities, and customer service cases. You can also click to access an existing contact or create a new one from within Outlook.

Ever tried to complete an activity in Outlook? It’s just a big day planner – but with the GoldMine integration you can schedule and complete activities from within Outlook. This is helpful to maintain the relationship interaction history as well as feed key activity reports. And when you schedule an activity in GoldMine, it will synch to Outlook and be enriched with the contact name, address, and phone – really helpful – and more than you can get with Outlook alone.

The GoldMine Outlook client brings important CRM data to those who primarily need email and calendar management. Check it out in Part 4 of this GoldMine video.

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