GoldMine License Bundles

Goldmine is:

  • Software you own and run on equipment you own and manage
  • Buy annual support for technical support and updates each year
  • Shared concurrent licensing so you can give access to everyone
  • Lower cost over time than subscription-based offerings
  • Start with a bundle and add seats at any time

Option Standalone Bundles Volume
Software Download Download Download
No. of Licenses 1 – 2 3 – 5 6+
License Type Perpetual Perpetual Perpetual
Support Included (1 year) N Y Y
Hotfixes for version owned Y Y Y
Major Upgrades N Y Y
Pricing (North America) $549 per user $565 – 599 per user call for quote
Discount from list price Over 20% Up to 32% call for quote
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For Europe, Asia Pacific and South Africa pricing, please refer to our contact page to call for a quote.