GoldMine Premium Edition 9.2 Release Available

The new release of GoldMine Premium Edition 9.2 is now available for download. We’ve incorporated new social media views and improved links to Google Search and Maps to provide more information on your contacts. These new links will help you manage your business relationships by integrating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google to help you build enduring relationships.

  • LinkedIn contact search – Shows the LinkedIn profile for each GoldMine contact’s connections with one click access, allowing you to quickly see their profile and their connections so you can contact a colleague or friend for insight and assistance in establishing the relationship. You can also request a prospect to connect – a great way to introduce yourself and create a warm lead.
  • Use Twitter in GoldMine – see a contact’s latest tweets and retweet to others – all within GoldMine.
  • Facebook – Quick access search for a GoldMine contact and then link their individual or company page.
  • Google News Search – Before you call a prospect or customer quickly see they latest news on the company to always be prepared with the latest news for the company.
  • Google Maps – Are you going to visit a customer? Quickly access a Google map for directions…and by the way, you can also do this in real-time on your iPhone or iPad using the add-on product of GoldMine Mobile.

One last item: this is our first release addressing the evolving social media area. We’d like you to try it for a few weeks – and then let us know your ideas on what else we can do to make this integration more useful. You can log your comments and requests at our new feedback site. We’ll ask users to vote on their favorite suggestions and we will post the results in October.

Watch a recorded webinar led by Paul Petersen, General Manager of GoldMine, and Jamal Ahmad, Senior Product Manager of GoldMine, in which they discuss the features and benefits included in GMPE 9.2. (19 minutes)

Screenshot from recorded webinar

The download is available by logging in to our support site (support site login directions are below). Click on the Drivers and Downloads link and choose GoldMine, then select GoldMine Premium Edition (GMPE) from the dropdown menu. You’ll see the option to download GMPE 9.2.

If you’re on an older version of GoldMine, get information on upgrading from your local GoldMine Solutions partner or call us at 1.800.443.5457 to speak with a GoldMine representative today, or visit Expired Maintenance? Our team can get you a current offer: please contact them at 1-800-755-2100 or

If you’re registered on the site your login will be your email address. If you don’t have an active login, you may request one by emailing or contacting us via telephone at Please include your name, email address and contract/HDA number.

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