Going Mobile

Our Mobile Edition brings GoldMine to your iPhone or iPad. Using the standard touch-based gestures you expect on an iPhone or iPad, you can browse contacts, scheduled activities, and emails.

You can complete and add notes – and you can also use one of the most powerful aspects of GoldMine: schedule tasks or activities for others on your team and in your company for follow up. Out in the field, those back in the office can schedule for you – even sending you a text alert letting you know you have a new lead or phone call to follow up. You can also use the Cases of GoldMine for customer service calls – and have your reps complete them as they go.

It’s all real-time – so everyone sees changes as they happen.

It’s not a GoldMine desktop replacement. If a remote user needs the full function of GoldMine, then you can use Terminal Services or iGoldMine – and with wireless it’s easier than before. Otherwise, Mobile Edition provides a great way to track key activities, update customer records, schedule new tasks and follow ups.

Check out the basics in Part 2 of this video.

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