Dynamic Dashboards: Manage Your Business with GoldMine CRM

Keeping tabs on our operation today is real time: is my team busy with the activities that make us money? How many issues do we have in customer service? How is the sales pipeline looking by date or stage?

A key strength of GoldMine has always been activity tracking – if the team records their interactions, appointments, and forecasts, then you have built in reporting. Let me pause to say we don’t recommend “policing” as the primary thrust of any CRM implementation– but if activity is a key to success, then set targets and use the system to keep score – and post the results.

GoldMine Premium Edition added a new activity section – where you can filter by date, type, and user. We also added a window where the user or a manager can see open and completed activities by type.

Premium Edition now includes real-time graphical displays of key activities, lead follow up, customer service cases, and sales forecasts. The graphs can be filtered by date or user – and other criteria. You can then export for printing.

But it’s more than display: you can click on any segment of a pie chart or bar chart and see the underlying records that compose the section. You can then work with the individual records to review details or use GoldMine’s filtering to schedule a follow up, merge an email, or run a report.

See GoldMine dashboards in action in Part 3 of this video.

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